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Permalink Posted by TheArgus on , attached to 2012-06-19
TheArgusThis is a show that will definitely be better to re watch rather than re listen to i'm the future. Not to say that the show was bad musically, Had some major high points, Trey tearing Maze a new asshole being an example of that, but the setlist speaks for it's self. One of the more odd and disjointed you'll ever see with a few ripcords and some energy killers tossed in.

The onstage antics and banter are why this show will be remembered. If you wanna see Fish tuck his mumu into his underwear and Trey reveal his true Jedi calling, them hop onto youtube and search this show, or head over to one of the sites that is frowned upon by .net and seek out a captured stream, you won't be disappointed despite the initial impression given by the setlist. Watching the LP streak last night was worth every penny I paid
Score: 2

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