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Permalink Posted by Jevers on , attached to 2012-06-10
JeversThey played a good show for people new to Phish. You cant expect a festival show to be as good as a regular show if your a big phan. A 27 min YEM is amazing but to someone who has never seen Phish before it isnt gonna make them fall in love with the band. Bonnaroo features just about every type of music, so Phish wasn't playing to just jam band fans they were playing to bluegrass, pop, electronic, hip hop, etc. fans. They played shorter more recognizable songs to introduce the thousands of people there that where at their first Phish show.They gave the newbies what they wanted... HITS. And for the real phans there they throw in a few treats like Carini > Shafty and a spacey Tweezer. Bonnaroo isnt gonna give you the best of Phish but it is gonna give you the chance to discover endless amounts of new music and see some of the worlds greatest performers (Radiohead, RHCP). It was great over hearing people walking out that just realized how amazing a Phish show and will now check out how funky and wild they get on their own tour.

As for the repeats from Worcester... who cares. They repeated great songs. Also if would went to Worcester and then drove 18 hours to Bonnaroo you are a WOOK and missed an opportunity to see Radiohead play one of the most beautiful live performances ever.
Score: 2

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