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Permalink Posted by funkalunk on , attached to 2012-06-15
funkalunkInteresting show! Both sets are just filled with interesting jams, some type 1, some type 2, all of them worth a listen. The stand out in the first set has to be the Tube. It seemed the band put a lot of effort into playing what can sometimes be a rote song, and hell it payed off. This is a version we will happily revisit in the future.

Set 2 was great all around, but the BoaF stole the show. Highlight of the whole night. But really, if you're thinking of downloading this show, do it. Set 2 will make it all worth it, not much I can convey that wouldn't be better served by your time actually hearing it.

Throw in an always enjoyable First Tube, and we have a great show I believe will be hard to top in the coming days.
Score: 7

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