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Permalink Posted by AntelopeSteam on , attached to 2012-06-10
AntelopeSteamI actually tried to make a generous review from earlier, but still get voted down. This just proves this board is made of whiney extreme 3.0 fluffers that cry and go into denial when Phish plays a bad show. Phish can play 30 song show of their 30 worst songs, and people on here would be saying: "Oh, it was a gimmick set, can't you enjoy it?", or "TRUE fans would've liked this set." Trey can even go on stage, drop his pants, take a shit on the front of stage, then cancel the show, and you guys will still all cheer, and claim it was a top 20 3.0 show. Phish will redeem themselves in AC, i know it, so all of you fluffers just stfu and stop crying about other peoples opinions.
Score: 2

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