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Permalink Posted by ObviousFool on , attached to 2012-06-10
ObviousFoolI think Show of Life is as shitty an encore choice an anyone, and when I FINALLY got my Shafty all those kids thought I was psycho with how blissed out I was, but I am truly lucky to have gotten to be a part of this show, and I gained some invaluable insight as to what Phish enjoys about playing shows. Watching them play to a crowd of 30-40K (most people had already left the 'Roo because of the rain or because they weren't interested), most of whom had never been to a Phish show, gave our boys an opportunity to wow the masses in a way they don't get to anymore. Honestly, how many vets of 1.0 can truly remember the way they felt leaving their first show? We spend way too much of our time now dissecting everything about every song, forgetting to be present and appreciate what is happening (Phish is playing!!!). When I go to shows, I always point out to my buddies that the encore has become expected as though we are entitled to it. Watch for it next time you're at a show, Phish fans seldom cheer before the encore, regardless of whether the preceding set was fire or not. At this show, there were several hundred people near me chanting "Phish! Phish! Phish!" with a level of appreciation and excitement that we can't achieve if we're listening for every Trey flub and criticizing every song selection. I think I'd RATHER just go on the oblivious fool.
Score: 3

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