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Permalink Posted by Nader on , attached to 2012-06-10
NaderSo. much. fan. rage. Oh horror of horrors... country music legend Kenny Rogers joins phish on stage for .... the Gambler! And why? Because they thought it would be neat! For shame!!!

What the hell is wrong with some of you? Why can't Phish play the Gambler? I am listening at work and I think they sound great. I hear things like 'it was a neat gimmick, but not much else.' WHAT THE FUCK ELSE WOULD IT BE?? You know, just people, in a field, enjoying a familiar song. I feel bad for anyone who is actually angered by this. What a waste of personal energy.

Music is fun. Phish is pretty good at it, better than most even. This Tweezer is pretty.

That's all I got. carry on with your raging.
Score: 5

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