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Permalink Posted by Jackaroe on , attached to 2012-06-10
JackaroeJust listened to the show again after having been there and have one more thing to add, the "aborted" Tweezer and Hood are both fabulous. If you need to see them finish Hood, go to the next three shows and you are bound to. If it's another 30 minute Tweezer you are looking for, download any show with a Tweezer from late '94 and stop living in the past.

People who used to complain in the 1999-2004 timeframe that shows were getting boring with every song turning into a 20 minute mix-mash of sounds that sometimes melted into cool jams (like me) love what is going on right now. The last couple times I've seen the fellas (my shows are much more spaced out now that I am old) it has reminded me of the good old days, when shows were fun and energetic and the 25 minute Tweezer was rare and still cool and I didn't sit there wondering if they would ever get on to the next jam. To be honest, most of us that have been seeing Phish for the past 20 years LOVE what has been going on for the past 2.
Score: 2

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