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Permalink Posted by spocksbrain on , attached to 2012-06-10
spocksbrainUmmm if you wanted to see a good should've went to worcester. They played for the real phans...and it was awesome. Nobody worth a damn in the bonnaroo crowd knows dick about Phish. I don't think they're gonna pick up on the DEG teases, or Awww fuck signal. I think it really IS time for some people to find a new band, there's a million of them out there bro. If you were at bonnaroo and you missed the tour opener at one of the most legendary venues in Phish're an chose the empty artificial party 'jam scene' over Phish...and I personally don't see how you even deserved to hear a heady show when it was clearly played to the masses who are not familiar with Phish...I bet they were the best band there still. Bonnaroo is beat...I bet the promoters begged Phish to headline because it would have sucked if they didn't show up. I could not be any less surprised by the whole situation. I don't even count it is a Phish show.
Score: 2

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