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Permalink Posted by TennesseeJed on , attached to 2012-06-10
TennesseeJedPhish played two public practice shows in Worchester to get ready for the Bonnaroo gig and still managed to come up short. This gig should have been "Phish 101" an intro to Phish for the non Phish crowd. The only show this year which will draw non-Phish fans. Keep it short, keep it simple, and keep the energy level up.

Sounds easy enough, don't play to, play to Bonnaroo.

Things you shouldn't do ...

1) Don't take all the energy built up in Axilla and throw it away by playing The Gambler - seriously, that is the worst song pairing I've heard. When you get the chance to play The Gambler with Kenny Rogers, sandwich him between Nellie Cane and Rocky Top. Not between Axilla and Possum.

2) Don't play Backwards Down the Number Line and Show of Life in the same show, ever, and definitely not at Bonnaroo. Ocelot and Kill Devil Falls would have been better for the Bonnaroo crowd.

3) see #1 above and don't play Alaska after Rock and Roll. Better yet, never play Alaska in the second set. It wont work, period.

4) see #1, #3 above and don't play Light between Harry Hood and Character Zero.

5) Don't make too many hard transitions, keep the flow as long as possible and group songs correctly.

- Rock and Roll
- Alaska
- Harry Hood
- Light
- Character Zero

It wont work. Ever, these songs will never flow into one another.

Rock Out, or Funk Out, or even Mellow Out, pick one, or slowly transition through all of the styles, don't make to many transitions.
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