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Permalink Posted by FoxmansBrother on , attached to 2012-06-07
FoxmansBrotherAs a 3.0 Noob, this is hands down one of the best shows I've ever been to (the only other one that compares is 6/8/12). Buried Alive definitely started the show off on a great note and the high energy of the song match well with that of the audience as Phish opened the tour screaming. Other set 1 highlights were the Runaway Jim, a real funky Ocelot, and although not great, a rather interesting Possum. It seemed like Trey was trying to slow that Possum jam down like the '11 Blossom version but the rest of the band never really took the bait. Now onto the second set, which quite literally blew my mind. Carini jam went really dark and really deep before it made a rather surprising but natural segue into a great Taste. As taste ended, the band started playing some interesting ambient funk, and as soon as I recognized that Ghost riff start playing over I nearly freaked out. I immediately knew that we were in for a funky, more pre-3.0 esque Ghost. And it became exactly that as Ghost went into an amazing dark funk jam. The Boogie on jam after that was phenomenal after that and brought the energy back up after being brought to subterranean depths with Ghost. Those were the main highlights for me, and I'm glad to say I've finally experienced a pretty awesome show.
Score: 6

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