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Permalink Posted by meanpete on , attached to 2012-06-08
meanpetethis was the most confident, assured, purposefully played show i've been to since 1.0. while it may have not had a signature moment as memorable as thursday's carini -> boogie, phish ate the face off of every song they played.

what really jumped out for me was the confidence of theyre playing. the vocals in the free chorus were strong as ever (the FREEEEEE! is what drives that song home). roses went type 2 for the first time since what, cypress, that patience is rare for a 3rd song in. julius settled into a playful muted groove, as did the gin, a slow, funky reading that steadily picked up steam and threatened to hose (a little ripcord at the end, but i was satisfied).

dwd went type 2 and was allowed to explore its space before settling into sand. the sand jam went beyond its normal boundaries, with some key changes, and the most well executed segue ive ever seen into nellie cane.

but the undisputed centerpiece of this show was a raging mikes song. best of 3.0. by 2001, the band was just showing off.

outstanding run, type 2 jams all over, and some flat out cocky playing. cant wait to listed t..o this tour unfold.
Score: 12

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