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Permalink Posted by andrewrose on , attached to 1999-07-13
andrewroseThis is a terrific overall show smack in the middle of a particularly strong tour. Indeed it's hard to go wrong with July 99. By this point the band had already dropped some monster jams, (7/10 Chalkdust, the hot Ghost->Slave combo on 7/4, a fierce Mike's on 7/9, to name a few), were working Siket Disc material into their sets, and having fun getting people to do the Meatstick leading up to Oswego. After a fun show the night before that kicked off with the electric debut of Boston's Foreplay/Longtime (a nod to both Boston area and the return to Great Woods), they pulled off an even stronger offering on this night with plenty of highlights.

You almost get two openers with the NICU, and then the Curtain which in those days typically meant that a good time was ahead. Then the Halley's is out-of-the-gate spectacular. Concise focused exploratory jamming that goes a lot of places in just under 15 minutes. The kind of ambient, textured but dancey grooves the band was laying down these days was the perfect canvas for Trey at the time. He was full of fresh ideas, hitting all the notes. A great segue into Roses are Free (the first since Nov '98) that dissolved into an out of left field N20 bustout is prime first set material. The Reba might be the best of the year, too. So laid back. And atypical at moments, especially in the early goings around 8:45. Again, Trey with the notes, with Page doing his best Brent Mydland impression underneath.

Set two doesn't reach as many high points, with the laid back vibe maybe getting pushed a bit too far at times, though the 20 minutes Wolfman's is certainly worth checking out if you're feeling patient.

Definitely hear the Halley's and Reba!
Score: 3

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