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Permalink Posted by kipmat on , attached to 1994-12-29
kipmatWhen I rate shows for, I try to consider the rating as a cumulative grade of each song's performance during the show. A great jam does not necessarily mean a great show, if the band shows signs of struggling to stay together at other times. We now have the luxury of downloading individual performances of any show at any time; Why trudge through another "standard/great" first set just to get to another killer second set? Time is precious, and I want my review to help listeners and fans to save time (i.e. get to the good stuff).

Well, this show is the good stuff. The first set arguably slows down during the Horse>Silent-Uncle Pen (sloppy Trey)-IDK sequence, but *everything* else on the setlist is performed well for 1994 Phish (meaning excellent). When the band feels good, songs like Foam, Possum, or Good Times Bad Times will feature extra jamming or teases that reward listeners that seek them out.

The other reviewers have done a fine job reviewing the Bowie. All I will add is that, to my ears, this is the culmination of Phish's Fall '94 improvisation style. grinding rhythmic tension, spacy ambience, spontaneous melodic compositions, a touch of Phish-y, "get into your head and f*** with you" madness, and a rousing return to the climactic ending of the composition. You need to hear this show.
Score: 1

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