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Permalink Posted by Doopes on , attached to 1995-12-14
DoopesThis was my first show... I was 14... I was "allowed" to go because of an older brother who was going "with" me! He let me stand in line while he and his friends did the lot scene! I did not understand any of what was happening...
All I knew is that I was super excited and that I had wished some of my friends were allowed to go!
I remember strange ppl trying to sell me clothes, food and god knows what!! I stayed in that spot for 2hrs!
When my brother returned all all bright-eyed ;) it was time to go in!!

I was really excited they opened with was one of the few songs I actually knew!
The show it'self was amazingly fun!! I was a dead sober 14 year old rocking out to one of the greatest phish performances ever and I didn't even know it!!
I sometimes wish I could go back in time to this show now that I'm a lil more experienced for this stuff and truely appreciate what kind of show it was... but then I think to myself that I loved it when it was happening already so why ruin a good thing!!

I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite shows, eventhough I didn't know how special the Keyboard Army was, how rare a Suzy opener is (havent seen one since), how rare Taste that surrounds is!!, and how sick the show really was!!

Tweezer into Timber back into Tweezer!! amazing!!
Bold as Love encore!! yes please!!

Just a beautiful memory for an amazing show!! Great 1st show!!
Score: 6

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