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Permalink Posted by MrJones on , attached to 1995-06-22
MrJonesMy first show and a weird show taboot.

Of course the reason for giving this show a listen is the second set Tweezer (FLeezer). A bit spaced out a times but good fun.

That being said the first set has a great feel to it. It is almost as if while listening to the first set it becomes obvious that the second set is going to be strange. A classic ScentOAM and a great It's Ice.

If you listen to the recording at a couple times you can hear people yelling to "play another song!" during the second set. Kinda funny.

If I recall correctly it was a beautiful evening in Canandaingua. The line of traffic for this show stretched far from the venue all the way of the main street in town. Kinda shut the town down for the evening.

After this show, the rumor goes anyway, Canandaigua said that Phish would never be allowed back. And this was the last time they played at this venue until 2010. Oddly enough almost 15 years to the day (they returned on 6/29/2010).

Absolutely worth a listen.
Score: 1

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