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Permalink Posted by oongowa on , attached to 1999-09-18
oongowaWho would argue with a Tweezer opener? Sometimes when they open with a song thatís usually a second set song I get worried. They havenít warmed up yet, itís light out, and people arenít buzzed up yet so thereís a possibility that the song will kind of suck and then they just played a song that I would have loved to see in the second set. I worry too much. This was a good Tweezer and a great way to start the show. One of the best things about Tweezer is that you know youíre gonna get that Tweeprize at the end of the night. Next of note is the Tube! Iíve listened to this Tube a lot. Itís amazing how much slower this sounds than modern day Tubes. I think by this time in Phish history they were starting to get away from the cow funk but this Tube definitely brings it. The Boogie On to start the second set is, of course, a lot of fun and totally awesome. I kind of like Meatstick but I donít really like the whole dance instruction and how the song drags on forever. Now they also do the Japanese lyrics which makes it drag on for another 5 minutes. This Free is great. Free was always one of my top 5 or 3 Phish songs. I remember hearing it for the first time in 3.0 and thinking to myself ďwhat the fuck just happened...why did the song just end.Ē I still have hope that theyíll bring it back to the monster it once was. The rest of the show was pretty standard but I must say that I really like the Contact->Tweeprise encore.
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