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Permalink Posted by TheEmu on , attached to 1989-04-15
TheEmuPretty raging Funky Bitch to start off the set (only set II is available). The banter before The Mango Song is pretty hilarious. First claiming that Fish will be using a synthesized drum pad, Trey then encourages Fish to play his new woodblocks. Fish then teases "Call to the Post" which Trey jokes is their newest number, a cover song. When an audience member successfully identifies the tune, Trey awards her/him a date with Fishman. Trey also jokes that Paul purposely put some feedback in the monitors in order to take it out again and look like a great sound guy. Finally, Trey tells the crowd that when dancing to the Mango Song (I didn't know Mango was this old!) that they should only move their legs and hips and NOT their head. Strong Divided Sky, pretty weak start to Melt, but the jam is not bad. The Fluffhead is OK, not great, and I was on my way to two stars for this (sound quality pretty lousy, too), but the Good Times, Bad Times has turned me around. Three stars.

I'm going to give the end of Fluffhead another listen as there is some banter there that seems to suggest either the date of this show is wrong or that Trey didn't know what day it was...
Score: 2

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