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Permalink Posted by Midcoaster on , attached to 2000-06-14
MidcoasterOnly if . . . dang . . . gosh . . . if I'd a . . . Oh well.

I can only enjoy the simulacrum. With a solid FOB I picked up about six years ago, I come back to this show more than almost any other in my collection. Why?

One can feel the dissipation, here, yet due to the small venue and novelty of Japan, there's a compressed concision of yore balanced with the high tech eerie of whiz bang e-jam. Trey pulls out some "scratch" sounds, there's a night club vibe, and yet there's a dream drifting, too.

Compared to the band at the same time one year or 10 months before, this is definitely the "other side of the peak." I always did like the after-burn, though. It's that moment when you can finally draw a deep breath and reorient yourself, maybe even find your car. It's definitely a floating home vibe, and that's where I am listening to this right now.

A must have.
Score: 9

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