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Permalink Posted by Mike_Soft_G_Gordon on , attached to 1998-07-17
Mike_Soft_G_GordonThis show is the third of the 1998 US Summer Tour and the second night at The Gorge; the tour started in Portland. This tour commenced with the Lemonwheel Festival. I have never been to this venue, but I know this is one of the most beautiful venues in the world. It would be amazing seeing a Beiber show here, let alone the greatest band in existence today. The show kicks off with a fun and playful Makisupa that gets the crowd going. Nothing like a goof ball song to get things started, but the Phish from Vermont BRING THE HEAT the next three songs. Ya Mar is great and Trey is weaving around until the Phish brings it down low and then slowly fades into my favorite jam of the set, GUMBO. This version is all funked out and goes all type II after a few minutes; again the HEAT HAS BEEN BROUGHTEN. No really, the show reviews say this show was incredibly hot. My words won’t do justice, just listen to it. Next is The Divided Sky. I tend to skip this song when listening to shows, but even I listen to this one. The show review says the sun set during this song which I know made TONS of people’s days. The rest of the set is nothing to crazy but good stuff all around.

Now, the first set was like a good appetizer, but nothing really stands out except for the bacon that was wrapped around the stuffed figs, AKA Gumbo. Now the waiter has just brought out some huge chunk of meat on a bone and is carving it right in front of you. This set is really just four songs long, but I am pretty sure anyone in attendance would have been completely content with it just being a three song set. A monster 2001 starts things off right and rivals the version from The Great Went for best ever of ALL TIME. 2001 is followed by Mike’s Song > Weekapaug Groove > Character Zero. I am pretty sure this is one of the few times the played Mike’s without a buffer between Weekapaug. This Mike’s goes places that I would rather not try to write about so just listen to it. But, this Weekapaug is in my personal top 5. Trey brings the FUNK and the band is really on fire. For me, sometimes when I have a bad day at work, I come home and l blast this Groove to get me in a better state of mind. IT JUST RAGES, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Character Zero is Character Zero, nuff said. The encore features Punch You in the EYE which is only the second time it has been in that slot. This is followed up by Rocky Top which is always fun.

Overall this show is awesome and everyone shouldn’t take my word for it, just listen.
Score: 4

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