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Permalink Posted by n00b100 on , attached to 1999-12-11
n00b100At the current writing of this review, there is a thread on the forum where people post their dream setlists; to me, no dream setlist I could create would be able to touch the setlist Phish cooked up on this night at the Spectrum. The second set, in particular, is absolutely fantastic - five (!) songs, three beloved covers, and some well-known canvasses with which to splash some paint around (Ghost, DWD). One weeps to think about what Fall '97 Phish could have done with a setlist like this.

Then again, what December '99 Phish did with this setlist is pretty damn good in its own right. Every song played is at least above average (a really strong Hood/Mike's Groove to open Set I, that frisky Sneakin' Sally), with the Ghost particularly grandiose, spacey, and chock full of Trey solo goodness (how the F is this version not on the jamming chart?), the 2001 a chilled-out dancefest worthy of any of the great '97 versions, and the DWD an incendiary set-closer that foregoes Type II for straightforward kickass string-shredding jamming. Pretty much the entire second frame is one long segue, and the wave of noise at the end of DWD confirms what the Philly fans thought of it all.

I'm sure lightning will strike me the second I hit the post button, but I would take this show over Big Cypress with a gun to my head. Big Cypress has higher peaks, but this show is, as they say, all killer and no filler. An absolutely amazing show.
Score: 13

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