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Permalink Posted by DrWilson on , attached to 2003-02-28
DrWilsonThis show is the real McCoy. This show is what we are always looking for when we go to so many shows, and why we try to listen to every show out there. Always searching for this kind of night. This show is why we love Phish. I am not saying this is the best show ever or anything like that, but this show is my favorite for sure. Highlights of the first set are obviously, Gin, BOTT, and WoTC. But it doesn't seem quite fair to call these highlights, here are three songs played regularly that get the full treatment. Something special happened in this first set with these three. Maybe the band felt free from all the Destiny Unbound hype that plagued the scene for years. They busted it out, and after that it was like, okay that's over now, can we just do OUR thing. And that they did. This Gin is superb the last five minutes or so is brilliance. The BOTT just rocks. Type I for sure, but it gets the raw, dirty, bluesy treatment it deserves. I love this rendition. Its not just my favorite BOTT, but it is easily my favorite Type I jam ever. Everything about this BOTT is awesome. Then the WoTC is a great way to cap off an all-timer of a first set. Leaving us salivating for more. And holy smoke, did they deliver. This Tweezer is great. Fantastic. Unique. I won't say too much about the second set, but just know that it is awesome. This was a very special night. Enjoy.
Score: 2

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