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Permalink Posted by ADAWGWYO on , attached to 2010-06-26
ADAWGWYOA good show really. Just over-shadowed by the MJ 2001 the night before, and the HUGE night following. It was a Saturday and they opened every 2nd set of every Saturday of leg 1 with Rock and Roll. I feel this is the best of the bunch. Beautiful exploratory RnR that drops into a nice Free. Definate highlight of this show. The Neutral Milk Hotel cover was ok. I was clueless at the time. I guess the original is on acoustic guitar!? Hey Trey, bring back the acoustic would ya! I really like FEFY and it was a pleasant suprise to get my first since Chula Vista, seven years prior.

MPP gets a lot of flack for being a shit-hole, and while it is an older venue(see: 6/20-21/83 GD), it treated my crew well and I had a blast. A very cozy summer shed imo. Yeah, the lot sucks, but that is minor really.

I was particularly drunk this evening and danced my ass of on the lawn. Hot, HUMID day in MD!!! Everyone was wet with perspiration. I have good friends that lived in Caytonsville(RIP Travis) so we BBQed and hung out before the show. Watched the World Cup and ate blue crabs. Phish, Grate friends, Grate food= Grate Mood!

3 solid stars
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