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Permalink Posted by ADAWGWYO on , attached to 2010-10-31
ADAWGWYOMy least favorite of the 3 Halloween's I've attended, and it was still AWESOME!! That tells you the strength of the other two('95,'98.) Phish with a rythmn drummer is sweet. I thought he could've been louder in the mix but I'm sure my weathered hearing didn't help the cause.

To be honest I enjoyed this night equally as much as the night before although it seems to get all the attention. Besides the musical costume check out the Ghost->Spooky(equally as fluid as the Ghost->JJF from 6/27) and the Stash from the first set. The BOTT from the third. Really not as stellar of a 3rd set as '98 or especially '95, but those are both tall orders to fill. Boardwalk Hall is a Bad Mutha Fucka!!

Solid 3.0 4/5
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