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Permalink Posted by ADAWGWYO on , attached to 1998-07-09
ADAWGWYOAt the time this was my favorite of the tour besides 7/6. Solid show. The Carini is comical and started the show off with a bang. I love how Fishman starts yelling when they start saying "Carini's gonna get ya!"
Just an all around solid setlist really but this Tweezer is a BEAST! Maybe my favorite that I have witnessed.... in the first set mind you!

This is the night where they played a lot of one-offs of the tour. Only Carini, only Boogie On, only Drowned, only Mule, etc... Solid Drowned I might add. Also really like this Hood->Isabella better than the one from 11/16/97. The Violent Femmes bit was cool as it was a part where both the Americans and the Europeans could come together on a very familiar sing-along.

This venue was basically a square with a real low over-hanging balcony around the whole perimeter of the flour, maybe six feet deep. There was a bar up there, and stairs that took you up onto the roof where you could stare down through a sunroof onto the dance floor and stage below. Very surreal. We stayed up there awhile and smoke hash spliffs and bullshitted while listening to the music, watching the dance floor, all while gazing at the Spanish stars.

Oh, the memories. Nastalgia will be the death of me.

4 stars
Score: 7

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