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Permalink Posted by floydthecpanzee on , attached to 2011-08-05
floydthecpanzeeI just want to make two points about this show:

First: The Gorge is the greatest place on the face of the earth to see a show ... the only thing that anyone can knock about the Gorge is the walk from campgrounds to the venue. Boo hooo. It's a small price to pay for the greatest venue ever. I used to work at Red Rocks and I love it there, but the camping puts the Gorge over the top.

Second: If you are at any stage as a Phan and have not listened to the Rock 'n Roll-->Meatstick-->BORW please do so now. The end of the second set prevents this from being the best show of 3.0, but the aforementioned sequence is not only in my opinion the best of this era, it can go toe to toe with the best from any era. Even at a Phish show I have never soaked in music like I did listening to that jam on the lawn. Good lawd

Those are my belated thoughts. Great weekend. Great band. Great people. And I have to give a shout out to the disco dance party and fire spinners next to us in the campgrounds. Somehow you guys were going the whole time and kept us going the second night. Good work.
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