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Permalink Posted by DanceTheJig728 on , attached to 2011-12-31
DanceTheJig728I did say i would eventually get to reviewing this show in my previous post and im finally getting around to it. Now, i know there has been a lot of negative talk about this NYE show. NYE has always been the day for Phish to tear shit up and ring in the new year the most perfect way. But saying you were at the worst Phish NYE show is like saying you have the most crumpled hundred dollar bill. This was my first NYE show and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in my life. It wasn't the best Phish show i've seen musically but it certainly changed my life for the better

AC/DC Bag: A lot of people saw this coming, i thought we were gonna get Llama. Fun way to kick the show off and had a nice spacey ending into..

Wolfmans: This song has been great this summer, they always have fun with it. Short version but always fun.

SOAMule: My first Mule, been wanting this. Great placement in the the set, not much of a "mule-duel" unfortunetly but very fun!

Lawn Boy: Gotta love this one. Standard but well placed.

Gotta Jiboo: Nice, spacey intro. I love this tune, the jams can be nice and this one didnt really let me down.

Farmhouse: Great tune, always a nice solo from Trey. One of the tunes you look around and see how great of a time everyone is having, love it

Pebbles & Marbles: YES. The first Phish song i ever listened to. Not an amazing version but i was jumping for joy that i was hearing it!

Ocelot: I like this tunes jam potential. Another well placed song

Fluffhead: Perfect set closer. Had everyone rocking. Nice ALS tease that i didnt even notice at the show!

Set 2:

Party Time: Got everyone moving, great opener:

Light: Dark, incredible theramin jam.

Golden Age: Love this tune but the transition from Light was a bit forced, great plcement though.

Theme from the Bottom: Rocker. Everyones jammin having a good time

Heavy Things: Great solos from Trey and Page, i am a sucker for this song.

Ghost: Nice version. Nothing like last NYE but was good

Sneaking Sally: Really groovy, another song i wanted bad.

46 Days: Jam blew the roof off the garden if i remember correctly

Suzy: Very fun set closer, cant go wrong

Set 3:

Cavern: Didnt see this coming as the set opener but certainly set the mood for the night

Steam: LOVE THIS SONG. So dark, murky, and jammy. I thought this was going to be the song with the stunt.

ALS: Tears man.

DWD: Perfectly placed. Theres a reason it's followed ALS on so many NYE shows!

The Wedge: Becoming one of my new favorite tunes. The boys were on key fpr it and the lyrcis are fun.

Alaska: Yes it was oddly placed but it's a great tune and sets a nice mood.

Wading: Very nice, i thought it was Strange Design at first which i would have enjoyed more but Velvet Sea is still amazing.

First Tube: Forced the energy right back up

Slave: Perfectly placed, great way to cap off an amaing experience for me. A song i was wanting dearly

I hope all who attended had as much fun as me and made it home safely! Happy New Year to everyone and i hope you all know what 2012 has in store for us!

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