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Permalink Posted by TwiceBitten on , attached to 2003-08-03
TwiceBittenIT was such a wonderful time and both shows featured some really great exploratory playing. I would say that this show featured what is perhaps the "best" jam I've ever seen Phish play. I am simply in love with the Chalkdust Torture from the first set of this show. Clocking in at nearly 27 minutes, it is quite a ride. I would say it is one of the absolutely must hear jams of 2.0. The second set was great too. Third set got a little to ambient for many people's tastes, but all in all this show and the first night of IT, were days I'll remember for the rest of my life. It's honestly kind of sad looking back on the music of 2003. Many people were critical of the band then, but they were going places musically that they are nowhere near reaching these days. Sure, the band has been playing some tight rock 'n' roll shows, but the sense that any song could just develop into an insane jam seems to have been lost. Still gotta love em though!
Score: 1

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