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Permalink Posted by TheEmperorJoker on , attached to 2010-07-02
TheEmperorJokerThis was my first REAL Phish show. I saw them about 10 years previously but was way too bombed to know genius when I saw it. I have seen 14 shows since this gem and I am still trying to see another The Lizards.
The Buried Alive->Bag with BA teases is absolutely sick but other than the rarely seen Mexican Cousin, there is nothing too noteable in the first set. It certainly isn't bad, but there's nothing remarkable about it either.
The second set is a different thing all together. The "charlotte jam" out of Drowned is not to be missed. The much referenced Lizards->Carini->Fuck your Face bust out of all bust outs is must-hear if only to hear the crowd go bezerk when they hear Mike say "this guitar's gonna fuck your face cause it knows how to scream". The You Enjoy Myself to end the set is absolute gold as well. It is very tight throughout and then the vocal jam takes this puppy to another level. Teases of Proud Mary and Get Back interspersed with Zappa and Slow Ride quotes....are you kidding me!? In my opinion the best YEM of 3.0.
I give this show an 8.9 out of 10 with 8 being the bar for a solid Phish show.
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