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Permalink Posted by Zwright on , attached to 2011-12-28
ZwrightI'm listening to the second set of the first night, and I may be going too far, but I think it was a fucking monster.

Birds of a Feather - High energy, fun.
Carini - I like it the more i hear it.....crazy heavy for Phish and I think they pulled it off. Loved it, and pretty rare, no?
Tweezer - A sick segue from Carini into Tweezer and the Tweezer was very good, especially towards the end.
My Friend, My Friend - My least favorite by far....I don't like the song
Rock & Roll - One of the best tracks of the night....super into it, and great selection for the evening
NICU - A dead-esque train wreck of a segue from Rock & Roll for a great song
Bouncin' - I admit, I enjoyed it.
Hood - did I forgot they played this??? A strong, though not epic, Hood.
Bug - not a good closing choice, a real disappointment

E:Tube - I always like this song more than I think...super funky
Rocky Top - Such a fast tempo - super fun - love the bluegrass
Tweezer Reprise - A great classic ending to a real rock and roll feeling concert...and listen to Mike dropping bombs

As I said, I think we saw a fucking monster of a show
Score: 1

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