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Permalink Posted by cjfphan21 on , attached to 1990-06-02
cjfphan21Pen, Dinner, Bouncing, and Reba are all painfully slow, and I don't know what the hell Page was trying to do in the Reba jam, but it did not work for me at all. Fortunately things pick up a little with Possum; it even seems to be a hair slow, but I'll take it. Lizards is okay but could definitely have been better. Everyone seems to be trying to hard to make the Tweezer jam work. The deaccelerando isn't very good and the return tag on the end kind of sucks. Divided Sky is okay in comparison with the rest, but that doesn't say much at all. Keeping with the theme, Love You is painfully slow as well. YEM was alright, but along with the rest of the show it just wasn't that exciting, and I sense some frustration in the vocal jam. Contact is probably the best thing in this whole show. 2 stars.

Oh yeah, the audio quality pretty much sucks too.
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