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Permalink Posted by westbrook on , attached to 2011-12-29
westbrook12/29 was the only show of the run I made it to, and it was incredible. Sloth was a huge surprise and made a great opener. I could not believe when YEM started, it was my first one. BOTT an Moma Dance brought the funk, and Funky Bitch was murdered by Page. He was standing up and kept extending his solo. Page was great in the Maze that followed, as well. The next few songs of Roses and Halley's Comet had MSG singing along. Crosseyed> Simple wasn't too exploratory or Type 2, but I think Simple was beautiful. The segue into Lifeboy was nice and I was really excited to hear the first one since 2009. Guyute had some sloppiness, but also had lots of energy, as did the rest of the show. Then, of course, the Mike's Groove was a big highlight for me. Chalkdust> Hydrogen was a really cool moment. Weekapaug Groove was one of the songs that first got me into Phish, and I'm glad I got to hear one of the best ones of 3.0. The end of the show was predictable, but featured good playing, and ended the show at a high point of energy. Some people may not think this show was especially good, based on a lack of exploratory jams, but I had a great time. I'm betting the vast majority of people that were there agree with me.
Score: 2

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