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Permalink Posted by drgef on , attached to 2010-08-07
drgefwhat a treat, I was lucky to be at all three of these shows and it was a blast. I particularly enjoyed this last show. It had a vibe to it that I have not felt in decades. The last time I was the Berk Greek was 1985 for the dead, and at this final show it really felt like garcia was being tapped into for inspiration, the guitar sounds from trey just floated in the air in the manner that only garcia could do so well but sadly rarely achieved after 1990. I don't feel a need to go song by song on this review other than to say that for me, it was magical. Yes, it might sound rather slow at times to most people but this was the vibe of the day, old school northern california vibe... perfect ! And btw, my first phish show was in a small bar in Chicago April of 1991, this was much better than that show...
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