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Permalink Posted by ImissJohnnyBgoode on , attached to 2011-12-31
ImissJohnnyBgoodeHere we go. Phish "fans" over-analyzing what was a GREAT show! All three sets, AWESOME! Sure, the encore wasn't my fav, and sure, they missed a few beats, but I've been listening to the download, and I'm just as in awe as I was when I left the Garden two nights ago. I don't (nor does anyone else) need to give you a play-by-play, just trust me, if you were there, this was an AMAZING show.

I've been seeing these guys for a while, and other than the Clifford Ball, and Nassau 2003, this is the best show I've seen them do. I spent a small fortune for my tickets, and feel I got what I paid for MANY times over.

Well done boys!
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