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Permalink Posted by danclark on , attached to 2011-12-31
danclarkWhile it was apparent even from the tight Bag that opened that the Boys came to play, I do have a real issue with this show. Put another way, I am gonna say here what nearly everyone at the Garden was thinking: the setlist gods wholly abandoned us. The song selection is particularly poor. Go find me a festival, Halloween or NYE show that has so many new and oddly placed songs. With as many nuggets left to play on the fourth night as there were, it is as if the band made a conscious decision NOT to play crowd favorites. I will admit that a good portion of the night was spent hoping the band would just stop their admittedly competent version of whatever new song they were playing in favor of more fertile territory (am I the only one who hoped every song was this run's Melt??). This sentiment just kept on. Don't get me wrong, I love the Boys (my first show was 7-30-93), but fuckin' A. Alaska, Velvet Sea and First Tube to end the year. Really? Bitch session over.

Highlights: Jibboo, Fluffhead (one or two ALS teases), Golden Age and its segue outta Light, 46 days (Trey went Jimi on us), First Tube.

Also, the cabled, smoke-emitting, color-changing rocketpack dancers during Steam and DWD were far out, I'm sure more than one person lost their lysergic mind watching that crazy shit. The fun starts before Steam with Trey grabbing a tea kettle filled with dry ice that appears to be steaming before Steam, and includes Trey and Page playing wirelessly while they are elevated maybe 6 or 7 feet into the air during DWD!
Score: 3

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