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Permalink Posted by mavisdavis on , attached to 2011-12-30
mavisdavisAlways love a Punch opener, the New York energy was building nicely but the Prince, BDTNL combo did feel like a let down from our seats. Nicely recovered by Nellie which is a rare treat. I'm a sucker for the bluegrass and thought the 5 song run from her was the meat of the set with an always welcome Divided, funkathon Sand and Vultures as highlights. I never met a Rift I didn't like and respect Joy for its honesty and emotion. Trey does play it well. The Quinn to close was full energy and the crowd was eating it up. Was it disjointed? Maybe early but the energy in our section was pretty strong and eager for set II. As with Punch, Wilson lit the Garden back to life and the entire second set run up to Horse was rockin'. If there is a single song that was MVP for the night, it was Piper. This was pure improvisation and the Mike Bomb could be felt in your chest. People were looking around like it was an earthquake. I loved it! Twist, Julias and Golgi were all up tempo fuel to the fire but nothing out there. They saved some space funk for 2001 which was second to Piper for MVP. Nice work by all on this one. As a Bowie fan, I have no complaints, yet another finely played piece of music to take back the energy from Silent. Coil is always beautiful and the piano outro gets me every time. It makes me grateful that the fellas are out there playing. Boogie, Good times encore is hard to beat. I know set and setting have a lot to do with perception but section 307 kept the vibe alive all night and we all enjoyed ourselves. Will I be thinking of this show in thirty years? Maybe so, maybe not but I know I had a good damned time! Happy New Year all!
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