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Permalink Posted by MihaTheFee on , attached to 2011-12-30
MihaTheFeeI thought last night's 1st Set was on the weaker side! Lots of flubbs and sloppy playing exept for Vultures and Quinn! Sand looked like it was about to take off, but came to an abrupt end!!! Set 2 was more pumped with energy, especialy the beginning and Piper had one of the best type 2 jamms of the year!!! Golgi was an odd choice between Julius and 2001 which was also one of the highlights of Set 2! Then a botched up Horse -> Silent version very oddly placed with a nice segue into Bowie which also never quite took off :-( A nice Coil (which is allways welcome when Trey doesn't mess it up) wraps up the set! At least the encore saved the energy of the show! Boogie was in flames with Mike dropping bombs throughout, and GTBT was a welcome way to end the show on a high note!

All in all there were some great moments with a Piper worth to write home about, but as a whole the show fell flat on a number of ocasions.

If Mike was MVP the night before, Page sure got that honor at tonights show!!! Let's hope for a show stopper tonight :-)
Score: 2

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