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Permalink Posted by SlavePhan on , attached to 2011-12-29
SlavePhanI'll second Alek. Night 1 was hands down superior to this night. Very little exploration here despite the large quantity of potential jam vehicles in the setlist. I personally thought the Chalkdust>H2 was forced, with Trey focusing the direction instead of the band moving as a whole. Even Halley's, a song that can really soar, stayed relatively simple.

It's been nearly a decade since I've seen Lifeboy, but it was particularly mellow. I was excited for a nice closer sequence after a relatively long set, but Show of Life is a total energy and time suck.

None of this show will stand the test of time, whereas night 1's Carini>Tweezer and RockNRoll>NICU could get repeat listens. In a historic context, a 6.5 out of 10 musically, but personally had a great time as always. Looking forward to the 30th.
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