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Permalink Posted by TheEmu on , attached to 1989-12-15
TheEmuDear dude who really really wanted to hear Wilson at this show: Fine, yell for Wilson. Yell between every song, whatever. But don't yell DURING the songs, DURING the quiet parts of Contact, DURING quiet parts of David Bowie. You're a schmuck. Had to get that off my chest.

Mostly a pretty good show here. I thought the Mike's Song was pretty good, as was Good Times, Bad Times. The start of Possum is pretty messy. I'm not a big Blues Traveller guy, but Popper can definitely rip on the harmonica and it works well on Funky Bitch (which had some alternate lyrics I've not heard before) and Jesus Just Left Chicago. The banter before Funky Bitch is pretty funny as they set up a prank on their old lighting dude to make him think that not only can CK5 run the light rig better, he can wail on harp, too. Trey is sinister.

Overall there's some decent playing and a little sloppiness here and there, nothing too amazing, nothing too bad. Three stars.
Score: 2

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