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Permalink Posted by kenny_powers on , attached to 2003-07-18
kenny_powersThis has to be the most underrated, least talked about Hood ever. I suppose that's because it follows a very different path than your typical hood. Fans usually expect a stellar Hood to have a slow, steady build up to a euphoric crescendo of a peak. This one really "peaks" in the middle section, and the end of the jam is actually a short, very delicate a beautiful IMO end to the jam.

At first it was just the tangent in the middle that grabbed me, and while that 2-part adventure is still the mind-blowing peak for me, after numerous listens the entire jam, from the drop to the end, is a masterwork in its own right.

RIDICULOUS replay value here, if you give it a chance and a few listens to really grow like a fungus on your cerebral cortex.
Score: 3

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