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Permalink Posted by traviedigital on , attached to 1998-07-17
traviedigitalWhatsup with the Weekapaug > Character transition ? I can understand the point that its not about the specific change or bridge being nailed, but that certainly does add to the fluidity of the music. The groove that was hit in Wkpg was great, but it wasn't played out and the band stumbled akwardly with Trey clearly calling the shots into CZ. It really left me begging for me. I wish the band had played through what they had heard, and gone to the next song, where the music natural resided. I hope that this was not my recording and that it did in fact transition a bit better. But at the least the start of my CZ shows jumble. No organic transition from one place to another, IMHO. 2001 !!!!!
Score: 1

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