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Permalink Posted by bouncin7 on , attached to 2011-07-02
bouncin7BOOGIE ON! I don't have the sobriety to write about entire show, so let's focus is on Boogie. I have yet to hear a bad version of this classic Wonder song from Phish. Every time it fires on my Bose Dock, I run for it like I'm putting out a FIRE eager to press volume levels to peek highs so my ears ring. I then sit back holding my face in awe as I watch my son on schedule running into the room spinning - dancing - shaking like on fire to WHO? No it's THE PHISH!!! He has autism and spins to Phish Boogie On's. I join him with or without him. Long live The Phish. The love we feel is bold as love. ~ bouncin7
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