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Permalink Posted by mangobrain on , attached to 2011-09-04
mangobrainAlthough I can't say that I'd look at the set list and go bananas, I did listen online and woke up this morning to find my face still partially melted. For several long years, I considered myself a disaffected Phish Phan, having seen them a bunch from the mid-nineties to the turn of the century. After moving to Argentina, I almost completely lost touch, only listening to older shows (I have an affinity for their older stuff). The Webcast has brought me right back into the fold; I've even come to appreciate stuff on later albums that I previously rolled my eyes at, which means: Phish is rocking.

Anyway, I'd just like to give a shout-out to those who provided the stream, GFH and Moo.

Long Live Phish!!!!!!!!!!!
Score: 8

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