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Permalink Posted by Mikesgroover on , attached to 2011-09-02
MikesgrooverA simply magnificent way to open the summer's swan song run, this performance exemplifies why so many keep coming back for more. Creativity, rarities, jamming and exploration. So many highlights and almost no missteps, with just the right balance of rock and roll and exploratory moments.

Trey was energetic and full of life tonight, but Mike Gordon drove the bus and elevated the performance. Sally>Sparks was a real musical treat, but Stealing Time and even Susskind Hotel were notable for their enthusiastic deliveries.

The segue of the night is the Simple>Steam, but the entire second set smoothly fit together and never felt forced, with the exception of a slightly out-of-place Silent in the Morning. At one point (I believe during the end of Seven Below) Fishman was so lost in a jam that when Mike walked over to tell him what they planned to do, Fish never even noticed him. Eventually rest of the band were all staring at Fish grinning, looking at their drummer whose eyes were closed while he was lost in the moment.

A Soul Shakedown Party indeed.
Score: 11

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