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Permalink Posted by lpenoza on , attached to 1997-12-07
lpenozaA comment, rather than show review (That's been *covered*): Several posters above made at least a mention that Guyute was good in this case. I personally did not ever accept the (forgive me, but "PT" type) notion that "Guyute sucks" (the top complaint being that it was played too often and didn't travel into "Type X" jamming) and I find Trey's brilliant musical composition to be a thrill when performed tightly, as classical fans often do with their favored compositions.

When I think of the date 12-7-97, I most often think "The perfect Guyute". I may be forgetting a small number of flub notes that disqualify that statement as an absolute, but when I play GUYUTE for anyone who doesn't know PHiSH, I play THIS GUYUTE.

And yes, I also think "transcends excellence" about the rest of the show :^P
Score: 4

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