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Permalink Posted by Feetoid on , attached to 2011-08-12
FeetoidWhy hasn't anyone said anything about the sound? Phish got to play on what IMO was the loudest, best sounding system I've heard in my life. This was my 32nd show since 96, so I may not know much, but compared to the numerous music events/festivals I've been to in my life (standing possibly even closer to the sweet spot than I was at this one) this sound just blew everything out of the water. Props to the sound engineers!!!

When Gordon threw down the initial bass stabs of Tweeprise, it was one of the most powerful things musically that I've ever witnessed. My buddy behind me even cried "MOMMY!" when it happened. It had an almost "electronica" sound to it. That bass effect may be new to me since I haven't seen Tweeprise live since Berkeley 2010, but here at Outside Lands it just sounded incredible and was such a definitive and epic way for Mike, and Phish to close out the main stage on Friday night. The Rock and Roll -> Steam-> Piper -> Roses are Free section speaks for itself and Fluffhead was damn near perfect. Yeah there were repeats, as I attended all of the Cali run, but this was a big show for Phish to be tight and well rehearsed at so I understand. As far as the crowd goes, my crew and I had no problems besides actively standing our ground during set break, as is the case in any ocean of nearly 30,000 peeps. If anything the bad energy was at the other stages that were forced to hear Phish over the top of their bands!!! (thats what I heard anyways). I'd heard people complaining "Phish for four hours, wtf?" throughout the day. Too bad for some of them, Big Boi canceled. This show deserves more credit, I guess you just had to be there.
Score: 9

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