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Permalink Posted by outphishing on , attached to 2011-08-15
outphishingafter hearing all about how the band lacked in tahoo, (didnt hear or watch) i was wondering what i'd see being my first show since merrieweather.
the first set was nice, i was listening to see it trey would end the jams but he didnt they took their time and while the first part of the set was very well played and fun their wasnt really any exploration and then they got in a rythem. a jam off the beeten path in wolfmans was a fantastic change in pace and started to set a tone. reba was fun yet ordinary but the best part of the first set was the alumni/jimmy/alumni. jamed out rocken and a great way to finnish a above par fist set.
now second set was its own beast. sand into light i really did enjoy. still listening to trey so see is he would rush into the next song but no, great transition. i really love light and the sound effects and abience were out in full force. i thought it would end then out of left field comes dirt. one of my favorit slow songs. very very well played completly smooth transition into yes waves. now i have already used my bar code and listened to the waves-undermind segment and WOW. their isnt a transition. waves just turns into undermins. completely seemless. i will go out and make a call u might hate me but waves/undermind in my oppinion is the best 2 song segment since they have been back. i've seen 7below/ghost, r&r/mango ect. but this is just... enfuego. much better than the waves in bethel. fire was excellent to.
encore (set three) wow is all i have to say camelwalk guyute horse silent hood... wow. superb way to end a superb night. if this is the best show i wont be dissapointed at all from this three night run. but im looking foward to tonight and tomorrow.

p.s i love the inspired playlist. i hate the plane always played stuff. phish, keep it fresh and interesting. looking for a twist-caspain tonight
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