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Permalink Posted by TheEmu on , attached to 2011-08-05
TheEmuWas totally shocked to see this currently carrying a 3.9 rating. The Rock & Roll-> Meatstick-> Boogie On makes this a 5 star show to me, easy. There would have had to have been serious carnage in the rest of the show for me to even downgrade it to 4. The Rock and Roll is that good. The jam was excellent, then Page comes in on the theremin and takes it to another universe. Do not wait. Download this show now, and grab a towel to mop up your face. Everything else is pretty well played, even though the only other true highlight IMHO is the Roggae. Much of the rest of the show has a very mellow, laid back vibe.

Maybe people don't like some of the song selection, I dunno. Show of Life seems to draw a lot of hate. This was the first time I had heard it, and I don't mind it at all. It's not like getting a Secret Smile or something else fairly awful. Pretty innocuous.

Anyway...yeah, you need to hear the Rock & Roll. 'Cause it's all right.
Score: 6

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