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Permalink Posted by fhqwhgads on , attached to 2011-08-05
fhqwhgadsThis show evinces some real fire, from Trey especially, who is always my main focus perhaps to the detriment of what Phish is really going for, but it was Trey's playing and personality coming through the music that initially hooked me and keeps me listening after 15 years going. That being said, the highlights to me were Roggae > Walk Away and Rock and Roll -> Meatstick. The segue into Meatstick was a lot stronger than the segue into Boogie On Reggae Woman, IMO. Walk Away was what I consider a standout version, just slayed by Trey. YMMV. Cohesively, this show was a lot of fun to listen to, and has some substantial replay value. I enjoyed listening to it more than any show from Leg 1! I am very hopeful for a strong Leg 2 after last night.

Note: Philip Zerbo cited that this was Page's first use of the theremin since 8/11/97; interesting statistic that you are really only likely to get from experts like those at Phish.Net; cheers to you all for being the central source for Phish lore since 1990!
Score: 3

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