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Permalink Posted by FlaxBandit on , attached to 1997-07-23
FlaxBanditThe greatest Ghost ever played. Crazy YEM>Rocky Mountain Way. As cleanly played a show as you will ever hear.

Everyone already knows all that. The hidden gem in this show is the Split Open and Melt. Another of those jams that I like to say "turned inside out". This jam is dark and brooding and there is that magical moment where the music just turns inside out into this amazing lament for about a minute then back into the song. It isn't a huge long segment, but it is one of those perfect moments of improv where the universe aligns and is revealed to us through music. No one ever remembers this one because the Ghost from this show is so big, but I'd throw in this as a must hear for any lover of dark jams or of SOAMs. Not the greatest version ever just one of those perfect moments of music.
Score: 3

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