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Permalink Posted by MDosque on , attached to 1999-07-10
MDosqueThis is a terrific show, particularly the first set. I attended and sat in the pavillion of E-Center. If I am not mistaken, this is the first Phish show at this venue and there were many more to follow...some good, some disappointing. This may be their best show in Camden, and it's certainly a good listen all these years (12?!?!) later.

Set 1:
Great energy in the first set and a really solid Gin that goes to unique places. For sure, the Chalkdust can be considered a top 5 all time from this show. Coming in around 15 minutes and cruising just right into Roggae, this jam breaks out of the usual mold and soars into space at around the 8 or 9 minute mark. Six minutes or so of pure bliss.

Set 2:
Tweezer out of the gate sets a certain tone for the set and this was a funky one. Tweezer is one of those tunes that phans, including myself, take for granted. I have heard it many times live and admit to yearning for something else on occasion, but it is usually funky and loose to experience. I just got done listening to the Lemonwheel version and I remember how the majority of the 90's incarnations could inspire. This one is long, funky, and creative. I think we sometimes forget that even though this is a run of the mill song that the majority of fans are so familiar with, it still almost always delivers. Mist was cool to hear and it remains the only time I heard it live. Nice cool down from Tweezer. I recall BOAF and Circus being average and a little bit of a drag on the always sauced Camden crowd. Fluffhead was great and closed the show a bit early. Encore was ok.

To sum it up, this is one of the better shows from the summer of 99, when unbeknownst to us, the scene and other factors were starting to take a little toll on the band. Phish had exploded into an area of popularity that was unbelievable. The lots were not yet completely bursting at the seams like they would the following summer, but Phish was finally on the mainstream radar and all of the consequences that came with that were starting to have an affect. I always look back on this show fondly and I think its obvious that the band does also...they released it officially.
Score: 4

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